Day 2, Gym 2-Dancing

After my whole body workout yesterday, I was really thinking a quick 30-minute cardio workout today.  This is something my body is desperately lacking right is my cardio endurance.  So I scoped out the scene in Easton, PA and picked out Fitness Club at Easton, a gym I thought would meet the criteria for the day.

I got there, and said, “I’m moving into the area and checking out several gyms in the area.  I would like a guest pass, and a tour, if that’s possible.”  “We do not give guest passes because it’s only $10/month.”  I was like okay.  “It is a $29.95 enrollment fee.”  This where I thought it got slightly odd, and not in a good way.  I was thinking, “so, if I don’t like your gym, I’m essentially out $40?”  I got a quick tour, which is a very nice gym overall but not what I am looking for.  I left in search of a second gym.

As I have been thinking about this process, I thought I wanted to go as local as possible.  I’d prefer not to have chain gyms, etc.  I always like supporting local, why would gyms be any different?  However, after this and my determination to get to a damn gym, I stopped at Retro Fitness.  I couldn’t get a guest pass there either because I didn’t have photo ID.  I started to feel like, “I budgeted two days for possibly not doing this, and I hadn’t anticipated it being so soon in the 20 days.  Alas here it is.”

I had started writing this in my head before I figured out about the dancing equals cardio, and that this is a little different but not much.

I thought that this is the universe telling me something.  I left late from work because a customer needed help, and I waited, helped patiently, and waited some more.  I did not get out when I wanted to, was slightly peeved about it, and wanted to know why I let that happen.

I started this because my friend told me to.  As I am progressing in this journey, I am realizing several things this will teach me.  I will only touch on one here right now, and it’s probably one of the most important.  I have an issue with discipline, and I want it known that it takes time, patience, and maturity to deal with it.  This blog will help me be accountable, which will make me less inclined to miss a day.  I got out of work late, which caused me to scramble to get where I wanted to be.  The opposite of relaxed.  This is going to help me focus on managing my time better, and sticking with my schedule.



Arbonne’s Hydration, part of the Phytosport line, is like Gatorade but better.

Then I got determined.  I remembered I was going to see an awesome reggae band, and I made a vow to dance for at least 30 minutes.  I do not really like to dance in public.  I have gotten much better at doing it in public, and more confident, but it still that causes me a lot of apprehension.

I did it anyway with my friend Jess.  We danced, grooved, laughed, and smiled for about 40 minutes.  Was it like being on an elliptical?  Of course not.  Did it get the job done anyway, and infinitely more fun than an elliptical?  HELL YES.

I can’t wait guys, and I’m seriously getting more and more excited about this everyday.   Thanks for being part of the journey, too.



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