Day 5, Gym 5

I missed my second allotted day due to weather conditions.  So yesterday I went to Round9 in Bethlehem, PA.  The workout was free, and it’s a 30-minute workout with 9 stations where you spend 3 minutes each, and you take a 30 second break in between.

There’s a trainer that walks you through each station, what’s next, etc.  I was pretty impressed by the efficiency of it, and liked the fast pace.  If you are in a time crunch, this is a great place.  It’s basically kickboxing workouts.  There’s no weights, cardio equipment, etc.  It’s strictly a 30 minute workout from what I understand, and there’s always a trainer there to help you with your workout.

The fee structure I thought was a little high for what it is, but not astronomically so.  If you want a quick, efficient workout that will tailored to your fitness level, this is your gym.  My heart rate definitely got elevated, and if you’d like to improve your hand-eye coordination this will probably help with that.  It is not a full-service gym, though.  Which is fine, it’s not labeled to be one.


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