Remembering and Honoring

There will be a slew of 9/11 posts, and these are my thoughts on the anniversary of that tragic day.
It is the eve on the anniversary of September 11th, and I find myself reflective.  The level of chaos, tragedy, and sheer sense of loss was unparalleled in my lifetime.  It is one that none of us will forget where we were when we found out that the two towers fell, and the utter devastation that was caused by fanatics.

It was one of the worst days in America’s recent history, and the biggest act of terrorism on our soil since Pearl Harbor.  Thousands of people didn’t get to come home, hundreds more were injured, and countless first responders still suffer side effects.  We honor their memory tomorrow.

9/11 thoughts by Stacey Alcorn.

9/11 thoughts by Stacey Alcorn.

If there was one good thing that came out of 9/11, it was unity.  The act of terrorism united us as a country not seen since world war II, and it was kind of amazing to watch.  Blood donations skyrocketed; Red Cross was inundated with people, money, and supplies;  people volunteering for EMTs and fire fighters rose dramatically, and the world kind of stopped being just about our lives for awhile.

People started reevaluating their lives, and realized money isn’t always everything.  Life is short, precious, and we take for granted that there will be more time with loved ones.  Sometimes there isn’t.  Treasure each day, and live it with love.  That is what 9/11 should stand for, and what we should honor tomorrow and every day.