Nature and Stretching Yourself

Your comfort zone is like a muscle.  It must be worked, or it atrophies.  So today, on my little jaunt into the woods I walked down to the stream alongside the trail.  I used to backpack all the time in the Adirondacks.  I would scamper and scramble over rocks, boulders, streams, etc.  It didn’t bother me at all, I actually really enjoyed it.  I was used to it, and had pretty decent balance.  Fast forward to today.  I don’t do much backpacking (alright, any backpacking), and the scampering has stopped as well.  This is because there aren’t a lot of boulders or mountains here where I need to do that kind of stuff, and I just don’t hike as much as I used to.  I canoe way more, and that has become my primary outdoor activity.


The “Wick” Creek.

So today, I decided to do some scampering.  You have to start somewhere.  So I traversed some rocks to cross back and forth several times across this little stream.  Was it big?  No.  Did it feel good?  Hell yes.  Did it start to feel more natural and better the third time across?  Yup.  Little accomplishments matter, and celebrate them however you feel like.


Snow Days and Happiness

Remember when you were a kid, and Snow Days were King.  It was the ultimate gift.

However, when you are “an adult”, you forget about that.  You forget about playing in the snow, getting dirty, and just having fun.  You worry instead about the commute, the potential lost wages, and clean-up of snow.

Photograph taken by Looie Voorhees.  Boat sledding at its finest in Bucks County. PA.  So much fun.

Photograph taken by Looie Voorhees. Boat sledding at its finest in Bucks County, PA. So much fun.

All of the above are important, to an extent.  There is a magic about winter that people forget about.  For example, the majestic and serene scene of snow in the trees, this especially true in the woods.  Last winter, I participated in a lot of winter activity for the first time in about 8 years.  I had forgotten what a spiritual moment it is to experience.  As the snow is falling, and you look up into the trees and see the glorious stillness and pristine landscape; it is an unexpected transformative experience.

It is something I cannot begin to describe to you. I am not religious, but I am a spiritual person.  I realized something that maybe I was not alone and there is some kind of universal energy.  I found that gift in nature.

Reflection, Movies, and Boots

It is the rare movie that connects with you in such a profound, guttural, and personal way that reaches down to your soul in a very real sense.  Wild is one of those movies for me.

Photograph taken by Pete Kreiger.   A moment of quiet reflection.

Photograph taken by Pete Kreiger. A moment of quiet reflection.

This entry is not about the movie.  It was just the catalyst of inspiration.  I find introspection and relief through nature, and it is often by myself.  I feel rooted-an escape from the madness that is life.  It’s just you, nature, and your boots.

I like people, and enjoy their company.  However, there is a visceral need to be alone and recharge, which brings me clarity of vision.  This is when I retreat to my places of peace and I disconnect from others.

I return refreshed, content, and often determined to get things done with new-found purpose.